Jalapeno Lime Jelly

Jalapeno Lime jelly

I’m not big on spicy things, but Tommy loves spicy things, so am experimenting with peppers.  I have always made a mild jalapeno jelly that I give as gifts, but wanted something a little more intense.  If you leave the seeds in this jelly, you get just that.  Leave the seeds out, it is a much milder version. This is a small batch so that I can make it in my jam and jelly maker.  I have found that it is not always a good thing to double recipes for jams or jellies, so you might want to just make it in a small batch.

4 limes

3 1/2 cups water

2 large jalapeno peppers

1 tsp. salt

2 grated garlic cloves (I use my micro plane to grate the garlic)

2 cups sugar

Zest one of the limes.  Peel the other three with a vegetable peeler.  Halve all the limes and squeeze the juice.  Strain the juice into a bowl and cover.  Place the lime halves into a saucepan, mince the peels and add to the saucepan.  C0ver with the water and bring to a boil.  Once it boils, reduce the heat and simmer for about an hour.  While it is simmering, cover the zest with water and allow to sit.  Then mince the peppers.  Do not seed if you want the jelly to be spicy.  I wear gloves when I do this.  Found out the hard way that the juice can really cause your hands to burn.  Toss the pepper with the salt and let stand while the limes simmer.  After the limes have simmered for an hour, stain the liquid through a sieve and then through a wet jelly bag.  If you don’t have a jelly bag, a piece of clean wet muslin works just as well.  This should give you about 2 cups of liquid.  Pour it into the jam maker or a pan.  Drain the lime zest and add it to the liquid.  Drain the peppers and rinse.  Drain again and then add them to the pan.  Add the garlic and sugar (if using the jam maker, do not add until it beeps four times).  In jam maker let it process until finished.  In a pan, stir contents over med heat until sugar is dissolved.    Then raise heat to med high and boil until it reaches 220 degrees.  Remove from heat.  Pour into jars, wipe rims and place lids on top and screw on bands.  Process in water bath for 10 minutes.   Let sit in water bath for an additional 5 minutes then move to rack and allow to cool.  Makes 2 half pints.

If you do not like limes, you can use lemons.


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